A digital twin-based multidisciplinary collaborative design approach for complex engineering product development

Youde Wu, Linzhen Zhou (Corresponding Author), Pai Zheng, Yanqing Sun, Kaikai Zhang

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With the ever-increasing demand for personalized product functions, product structure becomes more and more complex. To design a complex engineering product, it involves mechanical, electrical, automation and other relevant fields, which requires a closer multidisciplinary collaborative design (MCD) and integration. However, the traditional design method lacks multidisciplinary coordination, which leads to interaction barriers between design stages and disconnection between product design and prototype manufacturing. To bridge the gap, a novel digital twin-enabled MCD approach is proposed. Firstly, the paper explores how to converge the MCD into the digital design process of complex engineering products in a cyber-physical system manner. The multidisciplinary collaborative design is divided into three parts: multidisciplinary knowledge collaboration, multidisciplinary collaborative modeling and multidisciplinary collaborative simulation, and the realization methods are proposed for each part. To be able to describe the complex product in a virtual environment, a systematic MCD framework based on the digital twin is further constructed. Integrate multidisciplinary collaboration into three stages: conceptual design, detailed design and virtual verification. The ability to verify and revise problems arising from multidisciplinary fusions in real-time minimizes the number of iterations and costs in the design process. Meanwhile, it provides a reference value for complex product design. Finally, a design case of an automatic cutting machine is conducted to reveal the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101635
JournalAdvanced Engineering Informatics
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022


  • Digital twin
  • Engineering product design
  • Multidisciplinary collaborative design
  • Systematic design

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  • Artificial Intelligence


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