Young Technological Pioneers 青年科創先鋒人物

Prize: Honorary awardHonorary award (research)


To spur the passion and the creativity of young scientists and technological entrepreneurs, the Hong Kong Young Scientists Association (香港青年科學家協會) has initiated the Selection of Young Science and Technology Pioneers so as to assure their contribution to the vibe of the science development of Hong Kong. The “Selection of Young Technological Pioneers cum Scientific Creativity Forum (青年科創先鋒人物評選暨科創論壇)” was held on 30 Aug 2022 and announced 25 awardees. Dr An Liang was elected among the 25 young science and technology pioneers in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsHong Kong Young Scientists Association