Young Professionals Exhibition and Competition

  • Tsoi, Man Ho (Recipient), Kwong, Tak Chun (Recipient) & Choy, Yat Sze (Supervisor)

Prize: Prize (research)


A team of 2 MPhil students, Daniel Kwong Tak Chun and Tommy Tsoi Man Ho, supervised by Dr Tracy Choy Yat Sze, competed with other local universities by a project “A Method for Online Auditory Assessment and Therapy on Pattern Recognition under COVID-19 Pandemic”. The project was concerned with designing a remote acoustic control method for health services through online conferencing software. They won the 2nd Runner-up (Postgraduate Section) for their outstanding performance at the Young Professionals Exhibition and Competition held on 1 Aug 2021.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsThe Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong