Top Psychology Scientist in China

  • Bond, Michael Harris (Recipient)

Prize: Honorary awardHonorary award (research)


Professor Michael Bond, Visiting Chair Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing, was recently recognised as the top-ranked Psychology scientist in China by, a major research website.
Professor Bond’s first place ranking was based on his track record of 276 published articles, which had received over 47,000 citations at the time the data was compared in December 2021. His h-index score of 95 was the highest among Psychology scholars based in China. examined over 12,500 research profiles in the discipline of Psychology. In addition to Professor Bond’s number one ranking in China, he was also ranked 413th worldwide. This comfortably places him in the top 5% of researchers in his field. provides a reliable list of leading scientists in a range of fields. Its rankings are based on a meticulous examination of data available on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph.

Degree of recognitionNational