the Premier Award for CIOB International Innovation and Research (I&R) Awards 2015 (Category: Innovation Achiever’s Award)

  • Chan, Ping Chuen (Recipient), Wong, K. W. (Recipient), Yam, Chi Ho Michael (Recipient), Chan, Wai Ming (Recipient), LAM, W. M. (Recipient), Li, Y. (Recipient), Guo, Y. (Recipient), SONG, W. (Recipient), YI, W. (Recipient), YANG, Y. (Recipient), Wong, D. (Recipient), Cheung, E. (Recipient) & Chung, J. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (research)


for title "Anti-Heat Stress Clothing for Construction Workers in Hot and Humid Weather", 25 pages.
Granting OrganisationsThe Chartered Institute of Building