Special Merit Award from Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers

Prize: Prize (research)


The second annual of Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) is organized by PALEXPO, Geneva’s Exhibition and Congress Center and hosted by International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) in Santa Clara Convention Center, the host of world-class events, from 23 to 25 June 2020.
The world of invention is enthusiastically looking forward for the commencement of this year’s SVIIF since it will be the event at which inventions from throughout the world will be presented to the public. SVIIF is a milestone for inventors to get in contact with licensees and exploiters from the USA. Grab this excellent opportunity!
Your participation offers you an exceptional opportunity to interact directly with businessmen and representatives of well-known industrial companies and corporations from the land of innovations, Santa Clara.
Why Participate in SVIIF?
Silicon Valley International Invention Festival aims to publicize state-of-the-art inventions around the world and provide a unique opportunity for inventors to not only commercialize their inventions but also cultivate the American market at the heart of the inventions, Silicon Valley. Your participation provides you a golden opportunity to:
network with representatives of well-known companies
participate in various seminars, presentations and panel discussions
get to know creative minds from all over the world
visit representatives from industry and manufacturers
make concrete deals during the festival
gain international recognition from radio, television and print media
win special wards of high-ranking international organizations
establish partnerships with inventor associations from all over the world
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Event titleSpecial Merit Award from Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers
Period23 May 2019 → 26 May 2019