Seed grant for project Rice Kingdom (在家米)

Prize: Prize (research)


Introducing home-bound, urban rice cultivation as collective education practice for contemporising indigenous food heritage and revitalising underutilsed urban space as way to build resilience-opening, social capital across generations.

Prior to hyper-urbanisation, a proud rice farming heritage has intangibly shaped landscapes and lifeways in Hong Kong’s territory for millennia which is now on the brink of extinction. For contemporising this (in)tangible food culture, households citywide will be engaged in a social rice growing venture. In a 20-week team effort,
participants (with sun-deprived homes and without garden access) are enabled to cultivate a paddy-less rice variety growing in soil-based planters suitable for application in interstitial areas around residence towers and underutilised rooftops. This work alliance celebrates rice as prismatic impetus for interrelating urban food
production with sociopolitical activation inside everyday life.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsDesign Trust, Ambassadors of Design, Hong Kong