Product / Material Invention Category - Bronze Award

Prize: Prize (research)


Dr Leung's awarded project is titled “Novel Technology for Quantification of Tyre/Road Noise for Urban Noise Management”. Road traffic noise is receiving increased attention in contemporary urbanized cities such as Hong Kong, for its wide-ranging detrimental effects on health, society, and the economy. With the rising popularity of EVs, tyre/road noise is recognized as the dominant contributor to traffic noise pollution. An advancement has been developed in enhancing the quantification capability of widely-used close-proximity (CPX) technology for measuring tyre/road noise on urban roads. This development enables real-time measurement of the sound power level of tyre/road noise, which represents an absolute metric for noise sources and is less susceptible to variations in the measurement environment in urbanized cities.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsThe Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics