Prize of the Technological University Malek-Ashtar - I.R. Iran

  • Ni, Yiqing (Recipient), KO, JAN-MING (Recipient), Tam, HY (Recipient), Xia, Yong (Recipient), ZHOU, HUA-FEI (Recipient), QIAN, YU-YIN (Recipient), LIAO, WEI-YANG (Recipient), Liu, Shun Yee Michael (Recipient), CHEN, ZHAO-HUI (Recipient), ZHANG, PENG (Recipient), YE, XIAO-WEI (Recipient) & Wang, Dan (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (research)


Project Title: Mega-structure Diagnostic & Prognostic System

Awarded at event

Event title37th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products
Location, Geneva, SwitzerlandShow on map
Period1 Apr 2009