Faculty/School Awards for Outstanding Performance/Achievement 2009/2010 (Team)

  • Zhu, Xinhua (Recipient), Chan, W. (Recipient), Sze, L. K. W. (Recipient), Lau, M. C. (Recipient), Chan, J. C. L. (Recipient), Cheng, K. S. K. (Recipient), Yeung, K. (Recipient), Ho, C. Y. (Recipient), Hui, H. M. (Recipient), Li, W. (Recipient), Wong, K. W. (Recipient), Tang, T. C. (Recipient), Chow, O. H. (Recipient), Leung, S. K. (Recipient) & Chan, K. M. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (teaching & learning)


Services (Faculty of Humanities)
Degree of recognitionPolyU