Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE), Faculty of Humanities, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Chan, C. S. (Recipient), Chan, Shui Duen (Recipient), Chan, C. C. (Recipient), Chan, W. (Recipient), Chan, K. L. (Recipient), Chau Chan, W. Y. (Recipient), Cheung, C. K. (Recipient), Cheung, C. Y. (Recipient), Cheung, Y. M. (Recipient), Chiu, K. K. (Recipient), Chow, K. S. (Recipient), Fung, Suk Yee Roxana (Recipient), Lam, O. (Recipient), Lam, Y. Y. (Recipient), Ngai, Y. C. (Recipient) & Tang, S. W. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (teaching & learning)


Catagory (b) Research which improves our quality of life, including research in teaching and learning

Team award
Teaching Team for EDB’s Teacher Professional Development Courses in the Chinese Language Centre of the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Team LeaderChan Shui Duen
Degree of recognitionFaculty
Granting OrganisationsThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University