Co-recipient of a Science and Technology Award (Special Grade)

  • LU, Z. T. (Recipient), YUE, Q. R. (Recipient), YE, L. P. (Recipient), ZHANG, J. W. (Recipient), YANG, Y. X. (Recipient), WU, F. (Recipient), WU, Z. S. (Recipient), Teng, Jinguang (Recipient), CHEN, X. B. (Recipient), LI, R. (Recipient), FENG, P. (Recipient), LU, X. Z. (Recipient), ZHANG, L. W. (Recipient), LI, W. Z. (Recipient) & WANG, Q. F. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (research)

Granting OrganisationsThe China Metallurgica Group Corporation