Champion of Inclusive Design

Prize: Prize (research)


The award is granted to researcher(s)/scholar(s) with high contribution to inclusive design and research. It was the first award granted to Asian researcher/scholar. The award is not specially related or associated to/with particular projects. It is a high level award awarded to one to two world-leading scholars who has participated in “Inclusive Design” with high level positive contribution to inclusive research and design. In general, the award is announced in Annual Inclusive Design Conference. In some years the award was nil due to vacancy of suitable nominee. The award is not by any self-initiated application or submission of entry. Instead, it is by nomination proposed by the top academic peers in inclusive design. The major granting and organising body is the Royal College of Art, UK, which is the world leading university with focus on inclusive design and human-centred design. The award to Prof. Siu in 2013 is to recognise and appreciate his contribution in inclusive design, e.g., research and design for the deprived, visually impaired and other people with special needs. They also recognise his work with a balance contribution between new academic knowledge and design practice, including working with the international academic arena and the achievement in obtaining other prestigious design awards.
Granting OrganisationsRoyal College of Art