Best Retail Innovation Concept Award in Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2019

Prize: Prize (teaching & learning)


It is delighted to announce that Mr. Kong Zi Git, graduated from BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Engineering with Management, won the “Best Retail Innovation Concept Award” in Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2019. This competition honors the outstanding industrial practitioners in order to recognize and encourage excellence in retail technology adoption. Mr. Kong presented an ideal of IoT-based Real-time Parking Space Sharing Platform, which is supervised by Dr. Carman Lee.

The parking space shortage problem is occurred in many crowd cities, especially in Hong Kong. Simultaneously, the sharing economy concept becomes more and more popular which leads to the development of resource sharing online platform. The idea of mobile-based parking space sharing online system is proposed which it provides the major functions for the users, such as leasing, renting, communicating and reporting. The platform acts as an intermediary between owners and seekers.
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