Award for excellence in research

  • Wong, Siu Hong (Recipient)

Prize: Honorary awardHonorary award (research)


EET CRS Research Wing for Excellence in Profession Education & Industry
11th 7 Continents Academic Brilliance Awards-23

in recognition of the contribution to academic research. Specifically, the followed papers are reviewed for the award:

1. Anisotropic Nanoscale Presentation of Cell Adhesion Ligand Enhances the Recruitment of Diverse Integrins in Adhesion Structures and Mechanosensing-Dependent Differentiation of Stem Cells
2. Engineering Photoresponsive Ligand Tethers for Mechanical Regulation of Stem Cells
3. A Multilayered Mesoporous Gold Nanoarchitecture for Ultraeffective Near-Infrared Light-Controlled Chemo/ Photothermal Therapy for Cancer Guided by SERS Imaging

Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsEducation Expo TV (EET CRS)

Awarded at event

Event title11th 7Continents Academic Brilliance Awards-23
Location, Hyderabad, IndiaShow on map
Period19 Mar 2022 → 19 Mar 2023