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Dr. Yaxi YAN received the Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Science and Technology at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2014, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2021. Dr. YAN was an awardee of the RGC Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (2017 to 2021). She has coauthored more than 30 papers in peer-refereed journals and international conferences, including Journal of Lightwave Technology、Optics Letters, OFC, et al. Her research interests include distributed optical fiber sensing, integrated optical fiber sensing and communication, micro/nano fiber-based sensors, and advanced sensing applications 



  • Journal Paper
  1. Wangliang Kong, Fei Liu, Guo Zhu, Yaxi Yan, Xian Zhou. “Localization Enhancement of Forward-Transmission Distributed Vibration Sensors Using Phase Differentiation Endpoint Amplification” IEEE Sensors Journal, 2024
  2. Jingming Zhang, Yaxi Yan*, Shuaiqi Liu, Xingwei Chen, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Changyuan Yu and Liyang Shao. “Adaptive Block-Matching and 3D denoising for Φ-OTDR under ultra-low SNR conditions.” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2024.
  3. Yao Chen, Weixuan Luo, Baobao Jiao, Yaxi Yan, Qiang Ling, Haiyun Chen, Zhangwei Yu, Zuguang Guan, and Daru Chen. "Reflective all-fiber integrated sensor for simultaneous gas pressure and temperature sensing." Journal of Lightwave Technology 42(1), 463-469, 2024.
  4. Yu Wang, Weihao Yuan, Yaxi Yan*, Zhenggang Lian, Daru Chen, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Changyuan Yu, and Chao Lu. "Signal processing integrated with fiber-optic Vernier effect for the simultaneous measurement of relative humidity and temperature." Optics Express 31(17), 28636-28648, 2023.
  5. Yu Wang, Yaxi Yan, Weihao Yuan, Zhenggang Lian, Daru Chen, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Changyuan Yu, and Chao Lu. "Highly sensitive gas pressure sensor based on the hollow core Bragg fiber and harmonic Vernier effect." Optics Letters 48(8), 1990-1993, 2023. 
  6. Yu Wang, Yaxi Yan*, Zhenggang Lian, Daru Chen, Alan Pak Tao Lau, and Chao Lu. “Fabry–Perot interferometers for highly-sensitive multi-point relative humidity sensing based on Vernier effect and digital signal processing.” Optics Express 30(22), 39946-39960, 2022. 
  7. Hua Zheng, Yaxi Yan, Yuyao Wang, Xingliang Shen, and Chao Lu. "Deep learning enhanced long-range fast BOTDA for vibration measurement." Journal of Lightwave technology 40(1), 262-268, 2022. 
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  11. Kun Zhu, Bin Zhou, Huan Wu, Chao Shang, Linyue Lu, Muhammad Adeel, Yaxi Yan, Zhiyong Zhao,Hua-Yaw Tam and Chao Lu, "Multipath distributed acoustic sensing system based on phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry with frequency division multiplexing technique." Optics and Lasers in Engineering 142, 106593, 2021.
  12. Yaxi Yan, Hua Zheng, Zhiyong Zhao, Changjian Guo, Xiong Wu, Junhui Hu, Alan Pak Tao Lau, and Chao Lu. "Distributed optical fiber sensing assisted by optical communication techniques." Journal of Lightwave Technology 39(12), 3654-3670, 2021. Invited Paper 
  13. Yaxi Yan, Faisal Nadeem Khan, Bin Zhou, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Chao Lu, and Changjian Guo. "Forward transmission based ultra-long distributed vibration sensing with wide frequency response." Journal of Lightwave Technology 39(7), 2241-2249, 2020.  
  14. Yaxi Yan, Jiaqi Wang, Liang Wang and Zhenzhou Cheng. "Wavelength tunable L Band polarization-locked vector soliton fiber laser based on SWCNT-SA and CFBG." Optics Communications 412, 55-59, 2018. 
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  17. Jie Wang, Yaxi Yan, A. Ping Zhang, Bo Wu, Yonghang Shen, and Hwa-yaw Tam. "Tunable scalar solitons from a polarization-maintaining mode-locked fiber laser using carbon nanotube and chirped fiber Bragg grating." Optics Express 24(20), 22387-22394, 2016. 
  18. Dacheng Hua, Jianjia Su, Wei Cui, Yaxi Yan, and Peipei Jiang. "All-fiberized SBS-based high repetition rate sub-nanosecond Yb fiber laser for supercontinuum generation." Laser Physics Letters 11(12), 125103, 2014. 
  19. Kaihua Wei, Shuangshuang Cai, Peripei Jiang, Dacheng Hua, Yaxi Yan, Bo Wu and Yonghang Shen. "Compact gain-switching linearly polarized high-power Yb pulse fiber laser." Laser Physics 24(8), 085105, 2014. 


  • Conference Paper
  1. Jingchuan Wang, Liwang Lu, Li Wang, Yaxi Yan*, Alan Pak Tao Lau, and Chao Lu. "High-efficiency ISAC to enable sub-meter level vibration sensing for coherent fiber networks." of OFC, Paper Tu2J-3. 2024.
  2. Yaxi Yan*, Kausthubh Chandramouli, Jingming Zhang, Chao Lu, and Alan Pak Tao Lau. "Multimodal traffic monitoring using two co-routed field deployed fibers in metropolitan environments." of OFC, Paper M1K-4. 2024.
  3. Jingchuan Wang, Li Wang, Yaxi Yan*, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Chao Lu.” A Simple and Precise IQ Skew Calibration Method by Spectrum Analysis for Coherent Transmitters.” of ACP/POEM IEEE, 2023.
  4. Li Wang, Jingchuan Wang, Changyuan Yu, Zhi Cheng, Yaxi Yan, Huan He, Ming Tang, “Interference Fading Free φ-OTDR Using Polarization Multiplexing LFM Signals with MIMO in Fractional Fourier Domain”, of OFS, paper. Tu2-6. 2023
  5. Yaxi Yan, Yuyao Wang, Liwang Lu, Daru Chen, Alan Pak Tao Lau and Chao Lu. " Multi-point distributed optical fiber vibration sensing based on forward transmission." Proc. of OECC, 2023.
  6. Jingming Zhang, Yaxi Yan*, Shuaiqi Liu, Alan Pak Tao Lau, Changyuan Yu, Liyang Shao. "Signal-to-noise ratio enhancement of Φ-OTDR based on Block-matching and 3D filtering." Proc. of OECC, 2023.
  7. Yaxi Yan, Liwang Lu, Xiong Wu, Jingchuan Wang, Yan He, Daru Chen, Chao Lu, and Alan Pak Tao Lau. "Simultaneous communications and vibration sensing over a single 100-km deployed fiber link by fiber interferometry."  Proc. of OFC, Paper W1J.4, 2023.
  8. Yan He, Zhiqun Zhai, Lingling Wang, Yaxi Yan, Liang Dou, Chongjin Xie, Chao Lu, and Alan Pak Tao Lau. "Improved QoT Estimations through Refined Signal Power Measurements in a Disaggregated and Partially-loaded Live Production Network." Proc. of OFC, Paper Tu2F.5, 2023.
  9. Weimin Lyu, Yaxi Yan*, Jianxun Yu, Shuyang Chen, Changyuan Yu, Chao Lu, and Lau Pak-tao Alan. "Measurement of Wrist Pulse Using Fiber Optic MZI for Analysis of Heart Rate and Respiration Rate." Proc. of TENCON IEEE, 2022. 
  10. Wenxuan Wang, Yi Liu, Xinwei Du, Yaxi Yan, Changyuan Yu and Xiangfei Chen, "A Novel Demodulation Method of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Array Based on Wavelength-to-time Mapping and Multiloop Optoelectronic Oscillator." Proc. of OFC, Paper Th3F.2, 2020. 
  11. Yaxi Yan, Jie Wang, A. Ping Zhang, Yonghang Shen, and Hwayaw Tam. "Tunable L-band modelocked Bi-EDF fiber laser based on chirped Fiber Bragg grating." Proc. of BGPP, Paper. BM3B-5. OSA, 2016.

Research interests

Distributed optical fiber sensing, Integrated optical fiber sensing and communication, Sensing networks, smart city, IoT, Fiber-optic sensor for Biochemical sensing, Micro/nano fiber-based sensors, Advanced sensing applications



Dr. YAN is looking for PhD students, Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Fellows. If you are interested, please send your CV to [email protected].

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

3 Sept 201731 Oct 2021

Award Date: 31 Oct 2021

Bachelor of Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology


  • QC Physics
  • Fiber Optics
  • TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering
  • Optical sensing
  • Optical communication


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