IRCAHC Researchers Discuss Collective Trauma & Recovery During Uncertain Times



    People in Hong Kong and across the world are currently faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainty in relation to health, economics, and daily life. A significant amount of research has focused on the impact of sustained levels of uncertainty and disruption on the health and well-being of individuals and close family units. Less attention has been directed towards the impact on different types of communities such as workplaces or places of study like Universities.

    The research team at PolyU's International Research Centre for the Advancement of Health Communication (IRCAHC) has contributed an article to Times Higher Education (THE) to discuss concepts including collective trauma which can help us to begin thinking about how strained or damaged community connections can be repaired once a time of crisis has passed.

    Period17 Mar 2020

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    Media coverage


    • collective trauma
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    • Covid-19