An Essential Element of Cancer Care (to Complement Public Health Service) in Hong Kong



Press conference was held after a research study was conducted with Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre (NGO) funded by Jockey Club.  Findings as to how the provision of community care in a cancer support center can help cancer patients and survivors cope with the demands of cancer and its treatment.


Presentations on the findings based on the four main themes: 

1. Enabling users to achieve mental well-being on their coping journey, 2. Empowering users to deal with their uncertainties, 3. Enhancing meaningful nurturing interactions through the design of spaces and colors in the Centre, and 4. Evolving through seeing more value in themselves. These 4Es occurred through intimate human interaction in the Centre, which resulted in psychological renewal and the rebuilding of a sense of self among the users.

Sharing with the media and the other NGOs on how community services can support cancer patients/users, specifically on how to help them to regain control over their lives, not only through providing services for psychosocial renewal by engaging in intimate human interactions, but also by contributing to an understanding of the effect of the physical environment and space on healing. The results also reveal a virtuous circle of the 4Es as the synergies from the services, activities and the environment in the Centre, which provide a harmonious context for the users in coping with their cancer journey

Period22 Jan 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleAn essential element of Cancer care (to complement Publich Health Service) in Hong Kong
    Country/TerritoryHong Kong
    PersonsEngle Angela Chan, Siu Yin Ching