Development of Identification Technology for Train Noise Events Based on Incoming Noise Directional Dominance

Activity: Consultancy


The present project aims to develop an innovative technology for detecting and identifying train noise events in areas with heightened noise awareness. The existing approaches used for identifying such events have limitations that impede the provision of adequate and high-quality information for noise management. To overcome their shortcomings, the proposed technology in this project aims to utilise a custom-designed noise sensor system capable of measuring incoming noise from all directions. By analysing the temporal changes in detected directional dominance, valuable insights can be gained to identify crucial noise events, which are often characterised by their dynamic nature. The anticipated result of this project is the development of a pioneering technology that enables real-time detection and identification of train noise events with visual analytics features and comprehensive reporting metrics.
Period1 Dec 202330 Nov 2026
Work forMTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
Degree of RecognitionInternational