Development of health literacy measurement instrument for Hong Kong

Activity: Consultancy


The objectives of the consultancy services include: a. To conduct a literature review of overseas experiences (East and West including localities with Chinese populations) in health literacy measurement and define the framework/ construct of Health Literacy Measurement Instrument (HLMI) suitable for the Hong Kong context for assessing and monitoring NCD-specific health literacy levels; b. To develop an appropriate measurement instrument for assessing, comparing, and monitoring NCD-specific health literacy level among local general population (not patient groups) aged 18-64 in Hong Kong; c. To advise Department of Health (DH) and propose methodology for collecting population-based data to validate the NCD-specific HLMI; d. To conduct statistical analysis and interpretation of the population-based data and evaluate the NCD-specific HLMI; and e. To make recommendations on future work of assessing and monitoring the NCD-specific health literacy level among the local population.
Work forHealth Literacy Measurement Instrument (HLMI)
Degree of RecognitionLocal