ARISTO (Publisher)

  • Chitat Larry Chan (Lead consultant)

Activity: Consultancy


I am the chief consultant and key author of the NSS liberal studies textbooks published by ARISTO (2010 – present) (吳麗芳 et al., 2014; 嚴志峰, 2014; 曾灝輝, 2014; 朱翹瑋 et al., 2014; 陳智達, 2014; 陳詩鈴, 2014; full titles are listed in Section VII). This textbook project effectively supported my research publications (Chan & Ting, 2012; Chan et al., 2011) and facilitated the development of some of the HKIEd courses.
PeriodJan 2010 → …
Work forARISTO, Hong Kong
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