ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (Journal)

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing has facilitated a new paradigm across multiple
domains, enabling intelligent and real-time decision-making at the network edge. The potential of AI Empowered
Edge Computing enables the deployment of AI algorithms and models directly on edge devices, allowing for local
data processing, reduced latency, and enhanced privacy. This fusion of AI and edge computing paves the way for
intelligent edge devices, enabling them to autonomously acquire, analyze and act upon multimedia data in realtime, leading to improved efficiency and responsiveness in various domains such as smart cities, healthcare,
transportation, and industrial automation, among other multimedia applications.
This special issue aims to explore the latest advances in AI Empowered Edge Computing that enhance the
integration, efficiency, trustworthiness, and scalability of AI at the edge. This special issue invites original research
papers that address the challenges and opportunities in AI Empowered Edge Computing for multimedia
PeriodNov 2023Apr 2025
Type of journalJournal